Just One Connector Is Reversible—Stupid; Both Are Reversible—Brilliant

2015-11-23 09:17:37  
 Just One Connector Is ReversibleStupid;
Both Are ReversibleBrilliant

 By Jourdan Lee –18 November, 2015 
Unite Cable Says: Although Type-C connectors promise to stop the one-way-only madness, the ports themselves have yet to arrive in any meaningful way -- and even those don't address an equally vexing plug problem: the other end.    
I still remembered one clients words about reversible data cables on the market in Hong Kong Electronics Components Show. “I dont know why there are so many reversible micro cables just having one side reversible, very stupid, he said. The first one who came up with this idea is excellent, but those followers just copied the products and made one-side reversible cable, very stupid, just like our client said. “Look at this, he said when picked up the two-side reversible micro cable and plugged the male USB A port into the female one, both sides are reversible, very considerable design.
The green, oblate, rubber cables were severed as gifts to clients, many of which required one or twomore cables as presents to friendsor family members who use android phones. Enveloped by a tiny packaging bag with a logo of Unite Cable, this reversible cablecan be regarded as a very sweet gift

One customer said that this cable is perfect for those impatient people. The traditional cables require us to plug the port for at least 2 times. Thats a quiet annoying experience for almost everyone. We didnt realize that every USB cable can be reversible until the lighting cable and USB Type-C cable came into our real lives. But what depressed us mostly was that many manufactures did not produce cables that perfectly meet the customers’ needs.

Data cable is a very small stuff, but it can reflect your attitude. If a person can take data cable seriously, he or she can almost treat anything with carefulness, just Unite Cable.


Taking customers real needs into consideration, this company is designing and producing cables that our clients need. Just like another star product, a cute little fan used on phones and power banks, this one is really creative. Every part of this cable is manufactured out of brilliant design-- durable material; ablate rubber cable, which gives you a gentle touch. This cable passed the certification of CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, etc. and has 1 year warranty as minimum guarantee pledged by Unite Cable.

To be frank, being reversible is not that special, but this sweet company really touches me with small changes, fabulous designs

Take one, you deserve better.

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