Unite Cable---the Focus In the HK Global Source Asia Expo

2015-11-21 11:31:13  
Unite Cable Says: Follow my tempo, I say “HK”, “U·C” go. You see how we won this show. For our products, you will never say NO.
We Say HK, UC go
Finally, the world’s largest electronic sourcing event opened in Hong Kong. And among thousands of booths of the latest smart phones, tablets, electronic components and accessories, Unite Cable has won the entire spotlight due to its fantastic items on display.
All buyers over the planet who have visited the Booth No.9G07 must have not only feasted their eyes on our amazing office ladies, but also appreciated the well-designed and innovative products. Though the girls are charming, the products can be more attractive. And its the latter ones that can really be taken home, LOL. So lets have a review on the unforgettable exhibition.
Most Popular Items, Never Say NO
1. Being Cool, Have Fan!
Yes, have fan in our booth, you will be cool! Nowadays, such little USB stuff as LED, power bank, headlamp, or you know, the little cool fan. Following the trend of facilitation of the electronic products, our design team has worked out a new type of electronic fan.
On the one hand, it can be connected to your phone. You can take and use it anywhere as long as your phone is still alive. On the other hand, it can be used for chilling yourself and showing off. Imagine that everybody are suffering from a sweltering summer day, and only you, who is enjoying yourself with a tiny, colorful, and functional thing, will not you feel cool?
2. Cable of Great Flexibility
How could a USB cable be of flexibility? It is just a little stuff which cannot be simpler. Don’t cheat on yourself, OK? You havent been bothered with the difficulty in plugging the USB connector always in a wrong way, or been annoyed by the long cables all the time twined themselves? Come what may, I have.
Therefore, this reversible USB cable cannot resist being popular for its humanized design. It can be plugged in and out in both two direction with its two connectors. How powerful it is! Whats more, it will do less harm to your devices. Also, the body of this USB cable applies the flat design, thinking of the possibility of twining. No wonder the products are always out of stock in every store.
3. Electricity-sucking Vampire
Blood-sucking vampire is always popular with young people, so will the electricity-sucking vampire. With the talent of our design team, we got a new idea: what about mobile phones sucking electricity from other devices while you are forgetful to bring your power bank around? That must be cool! Then, the product made its debut and was unveiled in the exhibition.
Yes, you can power your girlfriends or boyfriends devices with your little mobile. Isn’t that proud, Mr. or Ms. Vampire? LOL. So to sum up, the Vampire cable is not only a simple 2 in 1 type, but also a superexcellent choice for lovers.
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