Being Cool, and Have “Fan” In Unite Cable

2015-11-19 09:06:04  


Unite Cable Says: Nowadays, with the rapid development of USB electronics, the popularity of various USB-powered accessories. And many of them are also provided in Unite Cable Enterprise Co., Ltd, among which the electronic fan rank the most acclaimed.

         At the very beginning, USB LED Reading Light was popular with young group; for it can be taken everywhere you want. Especially for students, a portable lighting facility is really in need. Obviously, the concealed business opportunities were unveiled to as it were, which were unlimitedly hidden in USB-powered electronic accessories. As expected, USB-powered air freshener, USB-powered hand warmer, USB-connected Mp3, and USB electronic fan all made their first appearance one after another in China, gaining lots of market share at a time. Nowadays, as we can see, they are everywhere. Among those stuff most potential one is the electronic fan, just as what we always talk about, why not have little fan? Yes, lets have fun with the little fan.
        Imagine that when you are in your college dorm in a sweltering day, playing with your boiling computer which may be baked to boom, then, a fan like this is qualified enough to chill both you and your computer, isn’t that cool?
        Surely, its cool, but not cool enough. After a research by Unite Cable, some drawbacks are found and eliminated. First, the port it can connect is not convenient enough. What if we have no computers or power bank nearby? Therefore, the design of the connecter is transformed to 2 in 1 type, as you can see in the picture. A mobile phone only, you can enjoy this!
         Yes, a small design can be a big leap. But questions still remain.
1. Poisonous Material?
         You know, babies are naughty, for they bite everything they can reach. What if they hold something poisonous? Thats terrible! But hold on, the material of electronic USB fan can be non-poisonous and environment-protecting. At least, as for our company, we use PVC material. One word to explain: that is baby-bite. Just rest assured--- our materials are non-poisonous and environment-protecting.
2. Hurtful Swing?
        “While it is running, will it cut my finger or something? Hey man, I like the film, the Final Destination, very much. I think you too, right?Of course, it is not gonna hurt you. You can stop it whenever you want with your little fingers. We have tested for times. And thank god, our fingers are still in the right place. LOL. Just rest assured--- our design is thoughtful.
3. No MFI Certification?
        During our participation in the Hong Kong Global Source Electronic Show, nearly half of the buyers would care about one same question: Is this MFI certified?
       To be honest, it isnt yet? But it can be whenever you needed. But you know, the electronic fan is just for cooling (also sometimes for showing off, haha). No need for data transfer. So the MFI is actually not necessary, and it will higher the cost. Therefore, its up to you whether MFI certified. Just rest assured--- our products are 100% customer-oriented.
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